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My Name Is Randy

I had a screen printing business for 32 years.  The website I constructed was especially important for my local customers.  I retired in 2012 and I spend part of my time helping small businesses that don't have a website get one so they can compete equally for new customers.

Word of Mouth Advertising

When I talk to a small business that doesn't have a website they say they don't need one because they get all their new business from referals.
 According to Pew Research only 1 in 5 new customers go to a business because of a referral.

 80% Of New Customers Go Online To Make Up Their Mind About Where To Go First

Google Search 

80% of new customers use it to help decide where to go. 

 They are looking for info on where to go

Without a website link there is no reason to even consider your business first

They are looking for info to make the best choice

The next click is on a business with a website     


Setup & Hosting

$41 Per Month

For 1st Year

$24 Per Month

2nd Year



Prepay To Save &
 Get FREE Updates

1st Year Prepay - $454.00

2nd Year Prepay - $260.00

Small Business is Tough

No One Thing Is Going To Solve All Your Problems

A website is a tool that gives you a chance to compete for new customers entering the local market looking for what your business offers.  
Your business is different than your competitors.  

Part of my job is to help you define and express your competitive advantage

You Can Have A Great


 But If You Are Not 


 When People Are Making Up Their Mind About Where To Go

You Won't Even 

Have A Chance

To Get 

Their Business