The Other 4 Go Online To Google And Search For A Local Business Near Them

80% of New Customers won't even consider your business when they search if you don't have a website! 

Potential customers are looking online for location, business hours, products, directions and information to help them make up their mind about where to go.  Your website doesn't have to be fancy, just basic info that displays well on a mobile phone

Clearly a Business That Lacks a Website Will Have a Harder Time 
Attracting New Customers Than a Local Business That Has a Website

85% of consumers used the internet to find a local business in the last 12 month period               -CRS 2012

Overcoming Obstacles For Having a Website

Two Top Reasons Why Businesses Don't Have Websites

The high cost of setting up the website and the costs of maintaining it.

Setup Costs of $1,000-$3,000 are not uncommon

Don't let someone convince you that you need a large complicated website which helps justify the price they need to charge

You don't need a large expensive site to get your share of local customers searching for a business like yours

The purpose of your website is give a customer that is searching just enough information to decide on your company
 These searchers have a problem that they hope you can solve
 Together, we show them how your company can do this in a way that is different than your competitors
 You website lets them get to know you and how you can help them
 It is important that the website works correctly on a smart phone



$100-$200 Monthly

High Monthly Maintenance Costs

This can be a drain on your business
You also will likely have to sign a contract  for a year

I Offer An Affordable Alternative

 $41 Per Month

Your site setup, hosted, and maintained 

Prepay the year and you get to have a monthly change to your site for FREE

Run A Sale

Feature A New Product

Promote A New Service

Post A Customer Testimonial

Cancel Your Website At Any Time

Year 2 cost is $21 per month

Is Your Local Business A Gem?

What Makes Your Business Special?

You must clearly communicate to your potential customer what makes you different than all the rest.  This is something I help you with.

Customers Buy Benefits Not Features

Here is an example.  M&M Candies, a feature is that they have a candy coated shell.  The benefit is that they "Melt in your mouth, not in your hand."

Helping your business stand out from the crowd is something I will help you do.

Don't Worry About A  Lack Of Technical Skills
To Use A Website To Promote Your Business
You Don't Need Any

Once per month (less than 5 minutes)  Tell Me  what you would like to put on sale and what you want to say about it -that is it

Even easier than placing a newspaper ad

You Get $130 Worth Of Bonus Services

Register with google maps ($50)
6 Additional photos ($60)
Register your webpage with Google ($10)
Register your webpage with Yelp ($10)
Register your webpage with Yahoo ($10)


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